Transforming the city’s landscape with Parametric Architecture


While it is a relatively young field, Parametric Architecture has been slated to be the design for the future. Why? Not only does it look at aesthetics and impact, but it is very much influenced by the space and the options we have.

Not only can we create something beautiful – a modern monument – but also keep the little details in control that truly do impact how a project unfolds. Optimisation is a key focus here, and Parametric Architecture allows us to do that with material, budget, and time.

Studio Emergence’s design for Sugee Group

At STEM, Parametric Architecture is integral to how we work. An increasingly data-driven and tech-driven form of design, the beauty of this type of architecture lies in precision.

We integrate software and design to enrich BIM processes with algorithms for generating this architectural style. Hence, even environmental factors and planning of maximum light and ventilation is coded into the base design itself, thus avoiding pain points during the time of construction. Such optimisations help design a more robust and holistic building.

At the end, the client receives a project that will truly stand the test of time – and one that is efficiently built, keeping time and costs in mind.

Design detailing

For Sugee Group, we have created this unique and dynamic façade, keeping in mind construction timelines and costs. This complex-looking façade creates an iconic landmark and can be built with conventional construction techniques.

It follows a straight gird of columns and beams and the balconies are solely projected out as cantilevers from the main structure. Parametric Architecture allows us to merge the two objectives of aesthetics and functionality together.

The way Parametric Architecture is growing today – and its ease and effectiveness – has convinced developers and architects worldwide. Today, future-ready cities such as London, Shanghai, and Dubai are focusing more on what’s next. At STEM, the same question drives us – How are we helping transform India’s architectural landscape?  

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