One Eye Towards the Future: Architecture Trends for 2022


Every year, a list of trends emerges that one refers to as the manifesto for the year moving forward. Here at Studio Emergence, we do keep an eye out for such lists – but do need to employ our sense of discernment every single time!

Our take on the trends is through our Parametric Lens. More than trends, however, we look upon them as moods and perspectives that reflect how the world around us would like to live! When we do so, we’re able to tap into the consumer psyche – and therefore create design that’s optimal and relevant.

Architecture Trends are all how a city & its populace lives, dreams, and breathes! Scroll down…

Trend 1: Biophilia
If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that living with nature is essential to a feeling of humanity. Being close to nature makes us connect with our roots, feel rejuvenated, and creates a moment of respite in the day.

How Sea, Sky, and Land are interwoven together to create a warm and comforting home

Trend 2: Meaningful Public Installations
As cities become denser, it’s difficult for a sense of community to get lost. When it comes to meaningful public installations, these spaces allow people to come together, converse, and connect.

An overview of the Public Installation at Sugee Sadan, Mumbai
Actual Image of the Public Installation at Sugee Sadan

Trend 3: Future-Ready Homes
At Studio Emergence, we’ve always been motivated by how minimalism allows for future-readiness, by taking into account the tiniest of details in a very subtle manner. A fuss-free take then ensures that the home is a versatile canvas that can be moulded as per the clients’ wishes – one that won’t just suit them today, but work for future generations as well.

Minimal details, maximal impact: Ganesh Baug

What is your favourite trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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