Playing Out Trends: Interior Design 2022


At Studio Emergence, we pay attention to trends – yet always with a critical eye. Context, especially understanding the Indian state of mind, is of equal importance, and marrying that with trend is something we’re quite conscious about.

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When it comes to Interior Design, we’re tracking lifestyle across consumers, ages, and perspectives.

Trend 1: Customisation is key

Rather than functionality, consumers are looking for luxury in the tiniest details. Hence, customisation has become common – and something that elevates the everyday. A more personal approach to the home, that matches the client’s aesthetics and philosophy, makes the residence seem more personal, rather than looking at it from a cookie-cutter approach.

Designed for a client in Mumbai

Trend 2: Fuss-Free Minimalism
Minimal design in the home can help lead a more calm and peaceful life – while there are many psychological hypotheses connecting minimalism to a more relaxed state of mind, we cannot deny the incredible freedom of a clutter-free home!

Designed for a client in Mumbai

Trend 3: Pop Of Colour

Designed to bring positivity into the home, yet not overwhelm the senses, a pop of colour can instantly make a space more individualistic – which is a trend that homeowners have been looking at increasingly in modern times.

Designed for a client in Mumbai

Tell us – what’s your favourite trend & why?

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