Design Meets Dynamism: Studio Emergence on New-Age Homes


Design Meets Dynamism: How Studio Emergence Uses Optimization

Often, it feels like we live in times that call for contrast. People are yearning for simplicity, yet have complex jobs. There’s a desire to return to nature in the midst of a concrete city. There’s a yearning for more. 

How we live is a core research question for us at Studio Emergence. Being a tech-oriented, science-backed firm, our chosen approach of Parametricism is all about being future-forward. Yet, it is our softer skills as architects and designers ourselves that bring a more human touch to this approach, one that’s right for the context we’re creating in. 

Keeping this dichotomy in mind, we’ve sought to explore different paths of living. From rental homes to micro-luxury apartments, design is used as a tool to express your  individuality and lifestyle – and often, time is a major concern. 

With the help of Parametricism, we’re able to optimise form, material, time, and budget to create a home that’s suited just for the client in a short turn-around time – sometimes, as quick as 45 days! That’s what we put into place at our client’s home. The brief was simple: a cheerful home with all of the modern comforts for a rental space. Let’s have a look at the final design execution!

Today, clients are looking for the tiniest luxuries that could elevate their everyday and offer a panacea from the stresses of the world. Some key trends you might have noticed: Spa Bathrooms, Touches of Nature, and Electric Highlights are very popular. 

For this very brief, the focus was on subtle, contemporary style for a millenial-friendly home. From plan to execution: Here’s what it finally looked like!

At Studio Emergence, we’re able to bring our projects to life in a short turnaround time because of the nature of Parametricism. Not only does this come in handy for interior design projects, but they can be applied across the entire space of Architecture & Construction.

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