Decoding Façades: The STEM Way


The role that Façades play in Architecture may be just exterior, but their importance goes a long way. Rooted in the Italian word, “Facciata” or the face of the building, Façades tend to be the calling card of the building – and set the tone for what to expect. Three main functions elevate the façade; light transmission, acoustics performance, and energy efficiency. For starters, these three factors put together transform what could just be mere aesthetics into a seamless design for the building. Some façades that have stood the test of time and design are Frank Gehry‘s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Barcelona, Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, and The Dancing House, Prague.

What makes them so iconic? 

– A unique thought process

– Innovative materials 

– Context-led design 

At Studio Emergence, we’re fascinated by how the façade can transform the experience for any building – yet, we’re constantly seeking ways to optimise it further. That’s why we focus on Parametricism and Biomimicry. These two approaches allow a personality to come through – and this can be seen through the implementation of GB Tower. An upcoming residential high-rise tower, GB Tower has been conceptualised to stand out amidst the over-stimulation that is Mumbai city. Much like a fabric draped over an object, the façade has a raw sinuousness that brings fluidity to mind and enhances the verticality of the space. To enhance the power of futuristic architecture in design, the building façadealso includes a jaali which has been designed using advanced software technologies making it kinetic in nature. 

To further complement the elegance of the façade, a muted palette of beige and rose gold has been chosen and the window frames aid in ventilation while making the façade look seamless. 

This is how we can balance aesthetics and functionality – right from the get-go itself! 

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