How Can Architects Work Remotely?


As Studio Emergence grows, we have had the opportunity to work with clients out of Mumbai, and sometimes even outside of India. Winning the pitch is step 01, but executing it to exacting standards can run the whole gamut. How do we, as Studio Emergence, ensure that remote work is still executed on time? How do we figure out our planning to ensure that all teams are aligned?

It boils down to our chosen approach of Parametricism. A data- and flow-oriented approach, it helps us to organize our work in a manner that makes sense to all the concerned parties involved, including construction teams, real estate developers, and architects. Using softwares like Rhinoceros and Revit ensures that everyone is on the same page, yet is not overwhelming in terms of information being shared.

For a recent project of ours in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh, we have been working remotely since day 01, liasioning with the local teams there to bring a family home to life. Here’s how we manage working remotely –

The plans have been established using the Parametric Softwares to ensure there’s clarity across the board. Currently, the bungalow is being constructed, and hence the team is aware of all the details that need to be looked into. Weekly calls and quarterly visits by the team leaders ensure that both client and teams are happy. Khushbu Davda, our co-founder posits, “Honestly, the Parametric Way of Working is the way of the future. As India is developing and the world is changing, we need to plan with environmental, social, and budgetary optimization. Parametricism helps us achieve that.”

Currently, we are using this way of remote working to build India’s Tallest Bungee Jump at Rishikesh, The Hybrid Planetarium at Visakhapatnam, and innumerable other projects both in India and abroad.

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