Residential Architecture and Interiors

This design explores and experiments with the concepts of introducing Parametricisim and its nature of fluidity in a residential project, where we also utilize advanced construction techniques for execution.
Status – Ongoing | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Khushbu Davda, Prakash Rajan

This design particularly talks about our interpretation of how Parametricism can be incorporated in the functions of daily living. Our main aim here was to design the entire residential structure into a fluidic singular white mass to inculcate the new age concepts of minimalism in Futuristic Architecture, exhilarating the users’ experience to the maximum. The organic nature was explored in a way that meets a variety of functional and aesthetic needs. The modulation of curvilinear surfaces is developed to create dynamism to fuse with the design of the circular walls.

Several morphologies of this fluidic forms were created which were derived by creating larger openings in North and North-East Zones for ensuring maximum daylight and ventilation, whereas less or no openings in South portion of the structure. Hence, tall glass facades in black metal framings are designed which also corelates with the minimal design language of this structure.

The landscape around the main built bungalow structure is also designed to show the continuation of fluidity throughout the area in our scope. A terrace landscape is incorporated as an additional sustainable strategy to the design where the structure in curvilinear fabric touches ground, falling and merging visually with the ground landscape. The exterior bleeds into the interior of the Bungalow following a similar language of design, creating a seamless flow of space. 

The interior design of the structure is wrapped around a huge spiral staircase located in the center. The design blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, where the glass panels completely rotate to incorporate the outside environment into the interiors. The design also follows the concept of a similar muted palette inside with furniture being as fluid and minimal to compliment its exteriors, which all add to the ambiguity in perception of space.