Residential Building

Inspired by Mumbai's Art Deco and Neo-Classical style of architecture, Hs Alag's building 44 is designed to merge with its rich architectural context, yet stand out gloriously.
Status – Ongoing | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Khushbu Davda, Saloni Chheda, Jayashree C

Designing the main facade of this structure was largely influenced by Mumbai’s history of architecture. The main design brief was to create a structure which looked like it belongs to the neighborhood context since many years, but rather has a more luxurious approach in design detailing.

The challenging part of the design was to conceal the facade services elements running throughout the complete height of structure. The design details such as jaali art deco style columns were incorporated not just to follow the art deco style of architecture, but also to conceal services on the front facade. The terrace area was also developed with amenities like children’s park, seating spaces, gazebos, jogging track, swimming pool etc. 

To follow the same design language as the exterior facade of structure, the interiors were designed with Art Deco detailing style. The arched ceilings with molding details were designed in a subtle beige palette to make the space look vintage yet luxurious. Jaali patterns with gold engravings were incorporated as a part of the whole beige-gold theme where door frames, glass engraving, chandelier, centre table legs were done in gold adding a touch of luxury in balance.