High-rise Residential Building

“History has certainly moulded us and brought us to where we are, but history can only do so much. There is now a greater need for preservation of such living spaces.” This Residential Building design speaks about architecture's connection with history.
Status – Ongoing | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Khushbu Davda, Saloni Chheda, Phalguni Sonthi, Jayashree C

While learning about how we can create architectural forms which interconnect with human emotions, we also tried to understand the sensitivity of its historical connections. It is important to understand the historical importance of its existing place and people in order to design a structure that belongs. Dadar is often referred to as Mumbai’s first planned suburb. Shivaji Park, located in the heart of Dadar is the largest park in the island city. The Art Deco in Mumbai, India is a notable feature of the city’s architecture. It was used primarily for office buildings, residences and movie theatres, during a period when India was part of the British Empire.

This residential project is based in this part of Mumbai where city transitions from Suburbs towards the town. We based our concept on dedicating our design to retrieve the Art Deco style architecture of Mumbai. Inspired by the beautiful contextual heritage of this location, we tried to enhance the design without destroying the existing history of architecture embedded within the city. The location also has access to sea facing views, hence trying to achieve maximum visual connect with the existing environment.

We tried to provide luxurious apartment planning for each type of layout with bigger scaled areas for each space. Design detailing for the façade was the major challenge for this project, in order to portray the best depictions possible of Art Deco style. Groove detailing’s and mouldings were designed on the façade with large stone claddings to replicate the style. The final goal for was to design a structure that looks inbuilt and amalgamated with the city’s historical context, to be able to adapt the similar sense of emotion attached with Dadar’s architectural heritage.