Status – On Going | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Khushbu Davada
Studio Emergence, Mumbai Architects, Architecture India, Parametric Architecture, Bungalow, G+2, Entrance, staircase

Nirmalayam is an inimitable house design, which required an equally astonishing style of interior. The bungalow has a double heighted living space, a dining extending till the courtyard and a L shaped staircase leading to the terrace. The other rooms open up on both the sides of the dining, thus the space is full of light and ventilation. We wanted a design that respects the verticality of the space and also merge along with the spaces. The wooden panels were fluted at the backside creating a pergola like projection. A beautiful curvy seating was placed in the centre of the courtyard, where the whole family can relax together. The minimalistic design was integrated, so that there is no hindrance to the space circulation.