High Rise Residential

A high-rise residential structure standing tall amidst the city and defining the future of architecture, this design explores the implementation of Parametric Architecture serving an appealing visual to the eye.
Status – Ongoing | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Khushbu Davda

The structure has an unorthodox form; the gentle facade detailing envelopes the building like a fabric that flows across the length of the tower. The aim was to achieve an iconic structure that stands out from the rest of the surrounding buildings, hence introducing parametric architecture details for designing the facade.

The horizontal fluidic elements in the facade wrapped around create subtle intricacies that emphasize the verticality of the structure. The tower does not perform as just a functional machine but also brings in the dynamism that has a sculpture-like appearance. The fluidic fabric of each flooring changes slowly as the verticality goes further, creating a wave form throughout the building facade.

To compliment the complexities of this building facade, the colour palette involves a beige and rose gold metal finishes. The window frames visible have also been designed to visually look as seamless as possible with the facade. To enhance the power of futuristic architecture in design, the building facade also includes a jaali which has been designed using advanced software technologies making it kinetic in nature.