Study in Self Standing Forms, manifested as an Architectural Art Installation
Status – Completed in 2016 | Team – Khushbu Davda, Seeja Sudhakaran, Akshay Dolas

A façade design turned into an architectural sculpture for an exhibition. In the studio, we explore various forms that are self-organizing and self-supporting. This algorithm not only has a self-supporting design but also has a skin that is actuated based on the incident sun rays on the facade. It was ultimately a pavilion where the form was completely data driven. The form itself is derived with the help of sine curves to be a self standing structure. 

The skin modules can be changed to adjust the porosity of the surface, thus creating an illusion even when the module is in static state. This module based algorithmic design is an initial step in the study towards actuated facades for various architectonic applications.

The pavilion was completed machine cut. Once the pieces were all on site, the assembly was done by just 3 people in 6 hours.