Office Interiors

A luxurious oasis in the mundane office program; the design reflects the Dubai local terrain of Sand dunes - which has inspired every little detail, from color to form to texture to undulations!
Status – Completed | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Khushbu Davda, Deepshikha Apte, Prakash Rajan

This Office, located in Dubai was designed and recently completed by our team. The design philosophy of this project involves the concept of integrating the city’s magnificent desert landscapes into the four walls of a high-rise glass façade structure. The initial design thought started with understanding textures, shapes, colors, undulations and soft curvilinear geometries of the desert dunes in order to recreate its abstract form in design which enhances the whole idea of sense of place. The central space was designed into an abstract reflection of natural sandy landscape of the dunes through a series of vertical louvers fixed within glass. 

Several morphologies of these vertical louvered forms were designed to understand the soft curvilinear geometries of dunes and create the best abstract form out of explorations. The final shape of vertical louvers designed also creates a curve which leads the users inside the space. This element was fabricated by designing every single piece of louvers through advance 3d softwares and then extracting them through CNC Cutting.

The design brief also focused on capturing natural light into the entire office space. Hence the MD Cabins and Conference room were placed along the glass façade which allowed maximum daylight to enter inside the enclosed rooms. To tackle the lack of daylight entering into the central space, an artificial skylight with a stretch ceiling was created in the centre. This complex shaped skylight was fabricated through constructing a waffle structure with mediums of 3d modelling softwares and CNC Machinery. This central space was designed as an open lounge area to create a comfortable, relaxed environment where collective gathering happens as well as to increase visibility of the main design concept.

To create a minimalistic contemporary design approach, a subtle monochromatic colour palette was formulated where variations in textures and materials was composed to generate depths in design. Textured walls with different layers of materials were used throughout the space to represent different shades of sand across the Emirates. The colour palette leaned towards a series of warm tones which habituates with the long summers around this space.