Residential Architecture

A villa that incorporates a beautiful mix of contemporary and vernacular style of architecture for a family living in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
Status – Ongoing | Team – Khushbu Davda, Seeja Sudhakaran, Prakash Rajan, Urvi Mathkar

The Modugula Villa had a very straight forward design brief from the client and his family, “it needs to look post modern and different from the rest whereas should also be influenced by traditions and culture.” Our design process started with segregating functions according to user study and analysis of requirements, circulation patterns and Vaastu.

Since the brief mainly spoke the exterior visual appeal, the design shows use of curved egdes and morphologies of jaali pattern on the facade, also incorporating maximum balconies and green spaces to ensure maximum light and ventilation throughout the space. To incorporate traditional architecture in the design, we created a play of materials and textures along with detailing’s of balcony railings and louvered windows.

Maximum green spaces were incorporated not just in the exterior, but in the interior design as well by introducing a central courtyard which visually runs on all floors through double height spaces. Long louvered windows were chosen as they were easier to manipulate according to the climate and need of the user. Each window panel could rotate at 360 degrees and the louvers can be manually changed creating a light and shadow effect in the environment.

The material and texture palette includes concrete and wood majorly which is influenced by forms of traditional architecture. We have also incoporated 3D Printed Panels for Jaalis which talks about contemporary use of materials and construction techniques. This project has started construction on site from Feruary 2022.