Parametric Installation fronting the Aircraft Museum in Visakhapatnam.
Status – Completed in 2019 | Team – Khushbu Davda, Seeja Sudhakarn, Priyanka Itadkar
Studio Emergence, Mumbai Architects, Architecture India, Parametric Architecture, Hybrid seat, Amorphous Form, Fluid, Interactive, Social Space, Parametric Seating, Human Scale

An amorphous form inspired by the waves of beach. What really adds to the regular traditional bench, is its multifaceted usability. It is not simply a fluidic form but a seating which can encourage a comforting interaction among the users and also the seat itself.

It is designed for different aged users with different heights merging with its smooth flow.

It tries to engage people of Vizag, with its artistic character. It’s a seating where the whole family can gather together and relax.


To compliment its concept of wave the colour transition is also observed. The bright colours attract the people and they also merge with the nature. The section profile was fabricated and assembled on the site. To ensure smooth morphology without kinks, around almost 100 sections were used. The profile develops in an ascending manner and descends at the other end to resemble the beautiful concept of wave. The form was developed by computational aided software, processing various forms to conclude to an adaptable and versatile seating for this space.