Located in Shivaji Park, Mumbai. This house is designed for a family of 6 spanning across generations and all rooms are designed according to their individualistic choices.
Status – Completed in 2018 | Photographer – Subin Selva | Team – Khushbu Davda, Priyanka Itadkar
Studio Emergence, Mumbai Architects, Architecture India, Parametric Architecture, Rajadnye’s Residence, interior designing, living room, red and golden, royal, luxury interiors, chesterfield sofas, chaise lounge.

A minimalistic approach to royalty is achieved through simple elements, with a monochromatic style of bold shades of red ornamented with gold. 

The living room is a huge flexible open space; it houses a formal seating space with chesterfield sofas and a chaise lounge for entertaining guests and an informal nook with a parametric seat in marble finish and a swing. 

The rich entrance lobby with the Traventine marble cladding creates the perfect setting for the luxury interiors in the living area

The Dining table is minimal with wooden chairs and the dining wall houses the beautiful plates that Rajadnye’s bought from the Middle East. The kitchen is again very bright and minimal and also has their family temple in a nook

The family room on the upper level is a stark contrast to the rich living room. This room is cosy and an amalgamation of all the activities the family loves. Huge wall painting in Madhubani Style adorns the TV Wall. The rafters in the ceiling complements the bright yellow Jaisalmer Stone Flooring beautifully.

The kid’s room is specifically designed with the primary shades to keep that innocence intact. The steps leading to the bunkbed are covertly the drawers with ample storage.