The Emblem of India's Entrepreneurship is carved from Plywood by Laser cutting technique.
Status – Completed | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Khushbu Davada

This installation was designed and fabricated for the Defense Expo in Goa, 2016. The clients wanted to showcase their pride in being one of the ‘Make in India’ participants in the show. This was done beautifully by making the Lion stand proud in the centre of their pavilion.


Studio Emergence, Mumbai Architects, Architecture India, Parametric Architecture, circular pattern, wheel, interconnection, teamwork

This emblem of India’s entrepreneurship was fabricated by laser cutting wood panels with different designs and ultimately placing them together. Certain parts of the installation were also 3d printed. We wanted this lion to show the technological advancements not just in the defense department, but also in design and fabrication. By using advanced techniques in fabrication, we could showcase such an intricate design in a simple and sophisticated manner.