Residential Redevelopment Building along Sea side.
Status – IOD Received | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Devansh Thakkar

Sukrut is a high-rise residential complex. The building design emerges along with the surrounding structures, and the homes within have an astonishing view of sea. Being only 250 metres away from the sea, giving justice to the beauty through design was looked upon as significant criteria. Each floor comprises of two spacious apartments.


Studio Emergence, Mumbai Architects, Architecture India, Parametric Architecture, Residential High-rise, balcony projections, curtain wall

The balconies on the external façade extent onto the side windows to blend with the flow. This extension is not just for an aesthetically pleasing façade, but also to encourage leakage proof plantations. The extended balcony and wooden finish chajja with lightings allows the space as a whole to amalgamate with the view. For enhancing the space along with good amount of light and ventilation, maximum openings are designed.

The terrace features are designed to merge along with the external façade of the homes. The car parking system is completely automated and user-friendly.