An Explorative series of Algorithmic Process of Design in Lavassa
Status – On Going | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Khushbu Davada

Sync PAVILION is a part of an explorative series of algorithmic process of design.

  Throughout the site, due to its linear movement, dramatic differentiation was attained to give spatial experiences.  

Sine waves were used in the X, Y and Z axis, to explore the direct relationship between geometry and rhythmic movement of light and shadow throughout the day.

This project was conceptualized for a music festival to create experiential portals. It was conceived from being metaphorical to transitional, yet accomplishing the rhythmic state of mind. The Pavilion was inspired by the rhythm and gesture in music and dance.


The portals form a dramatic background for the artificial lights and natural light during the day.

These complex forms can only be actualized as the huge spans can be generated with the help of Steel structures.