Vintage and Contemporary Interior Design Project in Mumbai.
Status – Completed in 2019 | Photographer – Subin Selva | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Priyanka Itadkar

At Studio Emergence, great interior design is our passion and our business. We believe that when personalized, a house becomes a home- your space should resonate your personality and work with your lifestyle. We understand that creating a home interior that does all of these things isn’t easy but we are here to help.

Our talented designers Seeja Sudhakaran & Khushbu Davda bring years of experience to the table to help understand client’s requirement and what works best for them.

The intent of this interior design project is to take advantage of the house’s classic architecture, bring in additional natural light & plants and depict a combination of vintage and contemporary furnishings and accessories.

The client’s design brief is to promote simple living and offer everything a place can have. We took the time to study the space to see what should and should not be there. This was a consistence process used throughout the apartment space.

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With minimalistic decorating, we are refocusing the space in the apartment to what’s actually important. The client wanted to achieve the look & feel of modern yet organic structure in the living spaces, so we decided to use a few well-placed healthy-looking plants for the design concept.

We wanted this space to take advantage of the architectural elements that already exists in the room. Our design spaces are filled with natural light & plants, and as per client guidelines, a combination of new and vintage accessories helped achieve the visual balance in the rooms.

Entrance foyer is treated with a mirror wall to create an illusion of a wider & open lobby. The chandelier for a dramatic entry to the house.

The living room sofa is a contemporary chesterfield. Marble cladded wall for the TV stands as a distinctive feature in the room. The carpet is sourced from Turkey, which in accordance to the selection of the client, and reflects his/her personality. The underused corners are well-placed with plants and an elaborate piece of accessory which accents the design concept.

Dining table is made of brass and marble top and continues the smooth flow of the design throughout the living room & adjacent corridor. The chairs add a pop color blend to the room. This is a great way to keep visual interest while adding some amusing character to the room.

The bar unit is designed to conceal the shutters keeping the minimalistic look intact. The shutters are fabricated in bronze tinted glass and designed such that they form one shape.  

Bedroom 1 has arched walls which camouflages the beam beautifully and blurs the boundaries between the wall and the ceiling. The wooden finish on the wall, adds warmth to the space. Black wall facing the bed is embellished with the yellow-colored sofa, which gives a bold appearance to the room. With minimal use of furniture, the space becomes more functional.

Master bedroom has a generous usage of gold and veneer to add warmth and elegance to the room. The focus here is more on quality over quantity. The wall facing the bed has a wardrobe with sliding doors hiding away the TV & space to store something out of sight. Overall, the room gives one a soothing refuge.

The kitchen cabinets are made with grey subdued colour, consistent with the look & feel of the apartment. This creates a perfect blend for modern & minimalistic appearance.

Pooja/Meditation room has an interplay of light and shadow to create the aura of a temple space, inducing vibes of positive energy.