Bungalow to be built on a 2 acre land parcel in Raigad, Maharashtra
Status – Ongoing | Team – Seeja Sudhakaran, Maitrayee Nair, Devansh Thakkar

VERANDAH is a home for traditional Maharashtrian Family, this house in the interiors of Maharashtra is designed preserving the traditional style of Maharashtra while adapting with the present. To respect the Culture and lifestyle the day-to-day approach, their activities and gestures are given utmost attention. Considering these aspects interactive and engaging spaces are developed. A design is gratifying when small individual spaces create a sense of familiarity and connection. Design elements create a bond between humans and spaces, like a central verandah with a Gulmohar at the center and stepped sitting encouraging social gatherings.

The home is a beautiful combination of traditional materials and elements of design. The projected roof, and perforated jaali walls complement the traditional style with a modern touch. Climate is the most significant aspect while designing these spaces.