Forms and materials assume a poetic quality in architecture; instilling meaning and tangibility to the elements. Such places help create a meaningful dialogue with people, helping us see what exists in a new light.

The multifaceted approach to make experiential spaces is what builds our perspective towards Architecture.

We have always challenged our boundaries in the field of Architecture and Design, which allows us to take on projects ranging from residential to commercial with different scales and briefs of design. 

From Hybrid Planetarium to GB Tower, we have tried to imbibe the importance of parametricism in order to get the right balance of design and its context.

We indulge ourselves into understanding the user requirements while building their personal spaces and try to convey it not just through interior design, but architectural design as well.

We believe that a well thought amalgamation of building materials, textures and architectural language completes the built form.

We believe in material explorations and morphology study.

When working with facades we make sure that we play with the material ourselves and understand its capacity to the fullest before its application in projects.

Metro Design

Urban Infrastructure

Our research also involves the explorations of designing urban design interventions in the city’s heart and studying how it affects the interconnectivity and social life in the micro environments.

Projects like Sugee Sadan located in Dadar, Mumbai allowed us to indulge design with several social parameters of Urban infrastructure.